About Ludhiana

About Ludhiana

The boom in health sector can be mainly accredited to the growth Medical tourism. Many a states in India have shown great development with regards to infrastructure and facilities thereby drawing attention from foreigners.
Punjab is not far behind and is known for its excellent infrastructure and medical facilities which attracts NRIs and other foreigners for their medical treatments. Well talking of Ludhiana, it also being the business hub has grown on the medical front facilities and has some good facilities for medical care such as heart transplant, kidney transplant, IVF Treatments, Test Tube baby centres, Dentistry, hair transplant... etc.
It is often seen NRIs take advantage of the available medical facilities as the same are costly abroad and add to it the long waiting procedures.
At Rama Sofat Hospital, there are various treatments such as IVF Treatment, Infertility Treatment and Endoscopy for which doctors have great experience. Their sound experience in services such as Maternity, Paediatric and Dentistry have achieved great name not only in Ludhiana, but abroad as well.

Tourist destinations in Ludhiana

  • Phillaur Fort

  • War Museum

Tourist destinations near Ludhiana

  • Golden Temple - Amritsar

  • Wagha Order- Amritsar

  • Rock Garden - Chandigarh

  • Haveli - Jalandhar

Tourist destinations near Punjab

The most famous tourist detination near Punjab is collectively termed as Golden Triangle consist of three major historic cities of India

  • Delhi

  • Jaipur

  • Agra