gynecology Hospital : Rama Sofat

Aesthetic Gynecology

In a new branch of medicine allow women is correct defects of their into male body parts . These procedures are usually done due to damage resulting from veginal child birth The procedures done under the aesthetic gynecology :

  • a)Clitoral hood reduction,include procedures where that target loose skin around the clitoris durong labioplasty.
  • b)Clitoroplasty refers to surgical alterations to clitoris that address conditions associated with increased or decreased tissue volume.
  • C) hymenoplasty describe proceeding that creates a pounds hymend membranous from either existing hymnal time or no hymenal soft tissue typically with an intent to cause blooding when membrane is torn during see.
  • D) labiaplasty: refers to a procedure which alters the size of labio majora or minora, which may involve reduction or argumentation more after women repair reduction of labio minora.
  • E) vaginoplasty refers to procedure targeted or reducing the width of the vafine this procedure include tightness of perineal muscles.
  • F) neo vaginoplasty refers to the creation of a new vagina in women where the vagina is absent since birth.